5 Ways to Connect with Millennials

July 06, 2015

As the generation that was born into a world of technology and online living, millennials are changing the way brands market to audiences today. These 20-30 somethings are increasing spending levels, but attention spans are shrinking rapidly. Millennials are extremely important as major consumers in todays online world as they are 20% bigger than Generation X before them. Brands need to embrace this media hungry generation to stay relevant, so we have taken a look into what drives their decisions and in turn how to engage with these people.

One group, many tribes

Advertisers have always talked about audience in terms of market segmentation. But millennials are not simply one group of beard growing, selfie taking and lazy, self-righteous spenders. To connect with unique groups of millennials, brands must first identify individual attributes, wants and needs to define an appropriate value proposition for that tribe – not the whole segment.

Experience over Exposure

Due to the age they have grown up in and the social connectivity that is in their DNA, millennials know what marketing is and are well aware of it when brands are blatantly trying to sell to them. The younger generations are starting to teach brands that loyalty is no longer enough; they want to add real value to their lives. Millennials want experiences that are going to improve their everyday and give them something to share. Life is no longer about having something, rather doing something.

Content is king

Millennials are moment hungry and each individual moment can be fleeting if the content doesn’t speak to individuals. Everything from Youtube videos to online shopping to green smoothie recipes can grab attention away in a matter of seconds, so brands need to create engaging content that resonates with targets enough to hold onto their shrinking attention spans.


Millennials are a connected generation and one fact is certain, they love to share. The algorithm is simple, millennials share content based on how they feel about themselves. They need affirmation from peers and they believe that by sharing, the result is about them and not the brand they are engaging with. Create a campaign that invites users to take selfies and upload with your hashtag (such as Carlsberg’s #happybeertime) and not only will you have this audience engaging with your brand, but co-creating content and becoming a part of the advertising process.

Walk the Talk

Creating a brand high in authenticity is the most important factor when it comes to millennials. It’s not enough to create experiences and content for your audiences if you can’t back up your brands key values. Don’t preach to your audiences about how environmentally and socially aware your brand is, if you are not actively participating in coinciding practices. Take a leaf out of one of our favourite brands Cake wines book, who are big believers in creative collaboration. Their 4th year running Archi-bottle art prize is the successful proof in the pudding.

Images: Flickr
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