5 years of Transporting and Transforming

July 14, 2015

Personal transportation network Uber has just marked their 5 year anniversary. 311 cities and 58 countries all over the world later, they are one of our favourite brands as they continue to come up with engaging and relevant marketing and experiences. Co-founders Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick came up with the idea late one night when they were struggling to get a cab on the snowy streets of Paris and have continued to keep the ideas ever evolving since. Here are just a few of the reasons we love them.


A successful brand knows the importance of storytelling. As a business that thrives on human connections, Uber has definitely utilised both driver and passenger experiences. Uber have even created a monthly international award for driver-partners to recognize drivers going above and beyond to make a difference. One example we particularly enjoyed is Hilda of Miami, Florida.

“Hilda is the first partner in Florida to receive the Sixth Star award after helping out a passenger who was in town for an important business meeting but had forgotten a tie in the midst of packing. No stores were open and the meeting was early the next morning, so there was no opportunity to buy one.“Hilda said she would figure out a way to get me a tie. Sure enough, later that night she went home, came back to the hotel and left one of her son’s ties for me at the front desk. I couldn’t believe she went the extra mile for me.” – Aaron”

Technology Partnering

As a brand that lays its roots in a powerful technology platform, Uber knows how to make their customers ride even smoother by integrating the latest technology with smart partnering brands. You can now connect your ride to your Spotify account so you have complete control of what music you are listening to through your mobile phone. They also pair with Paypal for easier payments, Google maps for smooth directions, Metromile for smart car insurance, Intuit to help drivers track earnings and many more.


Uber listens to their customers and in turn know what they want, often before they know themselves. In the states, they have integrated UberEATS into their service offering. The program is an on-demand food delivery service that guarantees the best meals from the best local restaurants in just ten minutes. They also offer another service called UberRUSH that delivers packages or anything you need to send, such as documents and keys, without complicated and costly delivery arrangements. The service is not yet available in Australia but I’m certain (and hopeful) it will be soon.

Driving for Change

Not only are Uber an extremely successful business venture, but they are also using their success and connections to everyday audiences to pair with relevant charities to create social change. In America they partnered with No Kid Hungry (and the Uber community) to provide funds for over 5 million meals to children that cannot afford their own food. Here in Australia they ran campaign #UberKITTENS with four animal shelters over four hours in six cities to raise awareness for pet adoption. Drivers delivered kittens to over 100 offices, homes and newsrooms for some cuddles, resulting in 22 adoptions and over $15,000 raised for participating shelters.

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