A new brand name - Google's slim down

September 07, 2015

Hustling for a new brand name for your existing or new business? It’s a tough gig, no doubt about it. It is probably one of the most challenging components of any of our branding projects. We think Google’s new holding company, Alphabet (www.abc.xyz) a great example of naming at its best.

Strategy for the new name was key. Google, as everyone knows now, was derived from a word - a number, really - that painted a suitable backdrop of the entirety of the Internet against which the search engine’s algorithms play.

To stay true to its growing brand, Google had to expand its brand from “organizing the world’s information” to something broad enough to contain all of its projects - something along the lines of ‘making the world a better place through bold projects and innovation’.

The new name represents the building blocks upon which the world’s languages are built. Furthermore, the new name flies in the face of recent online naming trends - made-up nonsense words or horribly corrupted spellings of real words that may or may not have relevant meanings for the sites to which they’re attached.

It is no easy task to introduce an original brand name in today’s cluttered, confusing, and not to mention litigious market. Especially challenging when it is one of the most visible high tech entities around. Despite this, Alphabet was launched with a bold strategy and confidence, no soft launches, no apologies either. As someone who crafts names for clients I love their courage and I am truly excited and in awe that they have chosen a name that is so simple and effective and with real punch. I wonder how they came up with the name. That story may never be told, I’m sure Google will be keeping that pretty quiet.

With even a few weeks since the announcement under its wings, Alphabet is already solidifying itself as the one and only name that could have been the right name. Because while there’s a combination of art and science in creating a new brand, once a company embraces and gets behind it, a kind of magic takes over.

That magic is no guarantee of performance over the long haul, of course - although early indications are positive. Only time will tell if Google’s Alphabet is going to spell success.