Absolut Establishes Position as Nightlife leader For The Holiday Season

December 07, 2015

Absolute Vodka are one of those brands that have always seemed so effortlessly cool throughout the years. But behind the brands steeze, there is actually a lot of hard work and strategy tirelessly poured into every little action the alcohol brand carries out. Established way back in 1879, the brand positions itself as a nightlife leader in over 126 countries all around the world.

In 1986, Andy Warhol endorsed the brand and its iconic bottle by creating an original piece of art inspired by the drink. And as Andy Warhol altered the manner in which the world valued art, Absolut have always pushed “nightlife into its future through creativity and innovation”. Warhols piece was turned into a limited edition art collectors bottle and launched the worldwide “Andy Warhol Art Exchange by Absolute”. The brand has also partnered with a number of artists over the years such as Spike Jonze, Swedish House Mafia, Lady Gaga, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Louise Bourgeois and more.

Aside from its artistic endeavours, Absolut are strong believers in inspiring nightlife experiences and rich social connections. The creation of Absolut Labs to “encourage new ways of thinking that develop products and experiences to help shape the future of nightlife” has been a big step for the brand. The Lab features experiments such as Absolut Ventures - an initiative that invests in the future of nightlife, Nightlife 100 - a study on the 100 most progressive people in nightlife and Experience Absolut Reality - a virtual reality experience that brings individuals unique 360 degree live streams of concerts from all around the world.

However the latest venture from Absolut is really going to put them at the forefront of party competition this holiday season. Enter HOPPR - a digital platform that creates social connections between party-goers and party hosts in NYC to create the ultimate house party. The director of marketing, Nick Guastaferro, says the app references a party habit from the past - "It was once upon a time where party crashing, or party hopping, was maybe considered bad behavior. And we are really encouraging it by mutually inviting consumers … the opportunity to jump in and hop from party to party”. But in todays online world, people are looking for more opportunities to come together in intimate settings and the new app is the perfect platform for doing just that.

The app is currently only available to residents in NYC, but depending on success (and potential Corey Worthington style backlash) we think it could take off in Melbourne with a bang.

Source: Ad Age, Brand Channel