adIdeas International Design Forum

May 15, 2015

Yesterday we took an inspiration day and attended the 25th anniversary agIdeas International Design Forum. The day consisted of listening to presentations and panel discussions from 16 local and international design industry gurus about the processes and thinking behind their award winning work. Design for social enterprise and tech start-ups were popular topics of the day, followed by engaging conversations from areas of communication design, product and industrial design, user experience design, entertainment design and strategic design. While each individual speaker was truly insightful in their own right, these three were just a few of our highlights of the day.

Henrik Kubel (USA) A2 TYPE

Creating his own individually crafted typography for 98% of work projects, Henrik Kubel is one half of London based design and typography office A2/SW/HK + A2 TYPE. Henrik became famous for his beautiful typography worldwide when approached by Penguin books to design a typographical cover for best selling “Zadie Smith on Beauty” by Zadie Smith in 2006. Since then he has redesigned typefaces for The Independent, The New York Times, Aperture and even a complete new way finding system for the Moscow Department of Transport.

Dirk Vander Kooij (The Netherlands) STUDIO DIRK VANDER KOOIJ

Dirk is an industrial designer who became fascinated with 3D printing and sustainable design while in his final year of design school. He combined his loves to create the world’s first robot that can extrude furniture pieces from 100% recyclable material (Dirk uses recycled refrigerators to produce his amazing designs). Using the remains of old plastic from typewriters and computers, Dirk created a Melting Pot Table where the origin of the material is clearly visible. He also uses his studios own colourful waste to create these amazing 120kg pieces of furniture.

James brown (Australia) MASH Design

James presentation oozed youthfulness and hilarity, much like his creative concepts and extremely successful communication design career showcases. The mastermind behind hair care product brand Evo (one of our personal favourites), James took us through a “sorbet of shit work” before showcasing campaigns for Evo that have been banned in countries due to their too-sexy-for-screens themes and the processes of how he created the most Instagrammed restaurant in the world, Motel Mexicola in Bali.