American Apparel's Real Love Stories for the Real #lovewins

June 29, 2015

With the announcement on the weekend of the decision to legalise same-sex marriage in the United States, the whole world has become awash with celebration. Our Facebook accounts are full of rainbow coloured profile photos and the #lovewins hash tag has been shared on social media over a crazy 7 million times (according to social analytics firm Topsy). It seems only appropriate that brands are jumping at the opportunity to show their support and join in the celebration by creating their own technicoloured brand marks and identities.

Following up from a recent article we wrote about brands leading the way through diversity and equality, another one of our favourite brands who have always been advocates for equality are doing it again with their most recent video campaign. American Apparel started their own “legalize gay” campaign back in 2008 in support of rallying at PRIDE protests for the protection of gay rights. Giving away over 70,000 tshirts at the time to various organisations, American apparel have continued to support gay rights in numerous ways since, and have now released a modernised version of their equal rights t-shirt which is circulating the fashion world faster than you can say "amazing technicolour dreamcoat". To celebrate the love wins ruling, American Apparel has released a series of Love Stories about the real life relationships of their LGBT customers. The short videos are cute, entertaining and raw. While watching, we instantly felt a sense of the love between each couple and gender is completely forgotten. We especially love the happy shot at the end of Carter and Blayne’s story of them holding hands and kissing as they walk past a religious choir.

American Apparel has over 5 million followers on social media, so it makes sense to communicate with their audience in this way, giving their brand a clear voice. We are so happy for loves big victory and can’t wait to see how brands will continue to support a more inclusive and equal future.

Reference: American Apparel

Rainbows via Buzzfeed