An Interactive Alphabet Journey

September 03, 2015

We’ve long been fans of Patrick Smith (better known as Vectorpark) and we just adore his first dedicated IOS game Metamorphabet, an imaginative ABC’s game that we think would delight children big and small.

It combines all the things we love typography, digital experience and design. As you play with a letter, it evolves and twists into secret words and objects. Touch an F and it sprouts a foot, then feathers, then a fan; a G becomes a guitar in a garden with ghosts. It is so beautifully responsive and fluid that it teaches without the feeling of being taught - we can’t even pick a favourite.

As designers we are all faced with the challenge of engaging a user, evoking an emotional response or just being memorable.

Metamorphabet is does all of these and more, try the demo online but it is perfect for touch devices so we’d recommend splashing some cash on the app. It really is pure digital craftsmanship well worth every award it has won.

Download it from the App store or go to Itunes store here.