Architecture Trend We Love: Linked Towers

November 24, 2015

As our worlds population is growing, our cities and the structures within them are becoming more and more dense. So as space becomes more of a commodity everyday, we are continuously seeing architects designing buildings that almost touch the sky. The problem now, that people are finding the travel from the top floor of one building to the top floor of another - although they may stand right next to each other - quite a long route. The solution - bridges and pathways that link between towers. The trend is becoming so popular now, we are seeing sky bridges, complete landscapes and even swimming pools above us in the skies. Here are a few projects from around the world that continue to amaze us.

Nanjing Sifang Art Museum
Stephen Holl Architects

This beautiful space for artwork is an illuminated glass tunnel that sits balanced high above the ground on a two column black concrete base in Nanjing, China. The building itself has three floors, all gallery spaces for Western and Chinese paintings, of which the building is designed to highlight the different perspectives between each.

Linked Hybrid
Steven Holl Architects

This amazing development, also in China, does not link two, not three, but eight tall towers together. The buildings are of completely mixed use - apartments, a hotel, cinema, school, kindergarten, carparks, commercial zones and even a public green space (thankfully). There is even a pond housed within the centre of the buildings, that collects grey water from all facilities, that transforms into a skating rink in winter when the water freezes over.

Embassy Gardens Sky Pool
Arup Associates

In a “world first” London Architects Arup Associates have designed an aquarium style pool that will stretch from one building to another, in apartments designed by London Architecture firm HAL. The pool is completely transparent underneath, giving residents the option to enjoy views of London while swimming/floating from one tower to the other.

Source: De Zeen