Architecture Trend We Love: Transforming Spaces

August 25, 2015

As we see property prices continuously rising, so too are the developments themselves. Melbourne is an awesome city - we understand why people love living here. But as a city with a population of over 4 million people and estimated to almost double by 2051 to 7.7 million, the challenge is on to design our city so everybody can live together comfortably. One of the biggest issues Melbourne residents are facing is a lack of space in the home. So in turn, we are starting to see design trends to help combat the tiny space syndrome. The latest is the transforming micro-space. Not having the resources for separate bedrooms and living rooms, residents are designing single spaces so they can easily convert between the two. We had a look into some examples of the trend from around the world and how it can be done well - for liveability, longevity and aesthetic.

De Rotterdam

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Total area: 60 square meters
Just as you can create your own flat-pack furniture from IKEA, De Rotterdam is a development of apartments that now give you the option to flat-pack your home too. With over 240 apartments it is one of the largest buildings in the Netherlands. So architect Rem Koolhaas took on the challenge to maximise a two bedroom apartment into five transforming liveable spaces. "What is a sofa or a workspace by day becomes a bed, by night".

All I Own House

Location: Madrid, Spain
Total area: 50sq meters
This light and bright space saving home was designed by PKMN Architects on the model of a sliding cabinet concept. One half of the house is an open studio space, while the other slides in and out of a bedroom, kitchen, studio, library and dressing room.

Transformer Apartment

Location: Russia
Total area: 60 square meters
While the extra space in the apartment allows for a complete separate bedroom (something we think is a necessity for the daily escape), the lovely transforming wall converts the space into a living room, kitchen or all inclusive studio apartment. It even allows a swivelling wall-mounted tv to be viewable from every angle of the home. From Russian architect Vlad Mishin.

YO! Home

Location: UK
Designer Simon Woodriffe built the YO! Home on the concept that luxury living should be available for all, offering a high-end real estate experience at an affordable price. The game changer in his designs is the master bedroom, which with a little expertise from previous stage design knowledge, transforms into a living room.

Reference: Hypebeast, Design Milk