Artists and City Newspaper Unite to Redesign the Alphabet

July 24, 2015

We have a confession to make. We are type nerds. Big type nerds. So when we saw the current project that is happening for Fitchburg, Massachusetts’s city newspaper we have to admit, we're feeling pretty jealous. “The Alphabet” is a project created by artist Anna Schuleit Haber and funded by the Fitchburg Art Museum and is a collaboration with local newspaper the Sentinel and Enterprise. The project runs for 26 days and features a letter of the alphabet for each day, designed by artists, typographers, designers and creatives from all around the world. Each page also features poetry and stories inspired by that day’s letter.

The Alphabet is an experiment in community engagement, a final installation in a three part public art project that Haber was commissioned to create. Currently up to the letter “J” at day 10, we are interested to see how the project will unfold, with so many beautiful letterforms already, and how the community will react to the artworks. The daily typographic artworks will be on display at the Fitchburg Art Museum as they are revealed daily. We just wish we could collect them all ourselves.

Artists involved in The Alphabet are as follows:
A - Felix Salut, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
B - Andreas Schenk, Basel, Switzerland
C - Dan Keleher, South Hadley, MA
D - Matthew Carter, Cambridge, MA
E - Shoko Mugikura + Tim Ahrens, Garching, Germany
F - Nina Stoessinger, Den Haag, The Netherlands
G - Cyrus Highsmith, Providence, RI
H - Laura Meseguer, Barcelona, Spain
I - Therese Schuleit, Beirut, Lebanon
J - Joe Riedel, Northampton, MA
K - Francesca Bolognini, Cambridge, MA
L - Anna Schuleit Haber, New Orleans
M - Franz Werner, Providence, RI
N - Frank Grießhammer, CA
O - Russell Maret, New York, NY
P - Barry Moser, North Hatfield, MA
Q - Pam Glaven, Northampton, MA
R - Nick Benson, Newport, RI
S - Indra Kupferschmid, Saarbrücken, Germany
T - Geri McCormick, Rochester, NY
U - Catherine Griffiths, Auckland, New Zealand
V - Stephen Goldstein, Ipswich, MA
W - Nicole Dotin, Golden Valley, MN
X - Nico Bergmann, Cologne, Germany
Y - Esen Karol, Istanbul, Turkey
Z - Akira Kobayashi, Germany

Reference: The Sentinel and Enterprise, Fitchburg Art Museum, Creative Review