Brand Engagement x 2

June 04, 2015

In today’s modern world, the rise of social media has become extremely powerful for brands. We have seen internet-breaking-queen Kim Kardashian create her own self-indulgent brand by posting selfies to her Instagram empire of over 31 million followers. But how many selfies can one intelligent individual really tolerate and for how long? Brands today must be wary, because with so many opportunities to post, social media engagement can also be very fleeting.

People no longer want to just look at things, they want to comment and express themselves, and they want their voices to be heard. How can you deeply engage loyal fans and potential new customers to like, share, comment on and contribute to your brand narrative?

One brand campaign that has recently held our attention is the latest Double Shot campaign from New Zealand Brand Coffee Supreme. The concept is simple – Supreme Supreme; twice as good. Double shot coffee; double shot photography. The clever Supreme team have created an iphone app that enables users to take a double up photo of themselves. They are doing a call-out for the most creative snap to win one of two coffee lovers prizes. With some appropriate hashtags and some very clever coffee drinkers, the campaign has proved a winner (check hashtag #supremesupreme for proof of engagement). The simplicity of this clever campaign makes us jealous we didn’t think of it first.

This is not the first time that Coffee Supreme have caught our attention, they have been leading the way for years when it comes to the best coffee experiences. We love the in-house designed book they released to celebrate 21 years of working in the coffee industry, which included 21 personal stories about the heavyweight and the humorous happenings of the company over the past two decades.

Unfortunately we live in Melbourne, so we can’t win the years supply of free coffee. But we will engage with your brand over and over again. Good one.