Brand Relevance for Changing Needs

September 14, 2015

I absolutely loathe those retargeted internet ads (I’m sure I’m not alone here). They are relentless, creepy and quite frankly annoying.

Thankfully Post-Its have collaborated with a digital agency in Russia to develop a clever script that turns pesky cookies-fed advertisements into our favourite sticky notes. Manipulating the irritating retargeting technology to its advantage, 3M-the company behind Post-Its-turned weakness to strength by placing an interactive spin on banner ads.

In the wake of the pay-to-remove-ads era, a service that’s both free and beneficial is a refreshingly innovative take on the matter. Also a great move for a brand struggling with plummeting sales as people opt for a digital alternative to paper notes.

While we wait for this ‘free’ technology to hit Australia. There is another company (Adieu) offering a similar technology but at a cost. This will be their greatest challenge. Most people really just don't want to pay for news content, now that they expect to get it for free. How much do these ads annoy you? Would you pay for it?

How does your brand fare with an ever-changing tech savvy audience?