Brand Trends - Multi-sensory Experiences

December 08, 2015

A trend that has really taken off this year is that of the multi sensory brand experience. No longer is it just enough for brands to create logos, websites and brand look and feels, but to give audiences an entire brand experience that consumes all of the senses at a number of different touch points. By creating a unique, personalised world for audiences, brands can truly place themselves in the hearts and minds of their consumers, and create memories that will truly resonate. Here are just a few of our favorites from this year.

Four Seasons Hotels

These guys have been leading the hotel industry for years, due to a never-ending supply of well thought out brand experiences, all across the globe. They are now taking the multi sensory trend to the next level with a number of foodie experiences taking place from gingerbread cities in hotel lobbies for the holiday season, right down to the diamond-like ice in their bourbon - at one hotel in DC, staff carve the crystal-clear blocks of ice by hand infront of guests with knives mallets and ice-picks. To really reach out to all senses, hotel rooms now diffuse a number of custom scenes throughout their properties.

Easy Jet

We all know how multi sensory a plane ride can be - inflight meals, personal entertainment devices, apps for online check-ins and many more. Easy Jet are taking it to the next level with their new staff uniforms featuring wearable technology. The uniforms are covered in LED lights and built-in sensors. They feature built-in microphones so engineers, cabin crew and pilots can talk to each other. The cabin crew uniforms have LEDs on shoulders that display your flight number and destination.

Ralph Lauren

Not the first brand to do it, but definitely one doing a great job of redefining the retail shopping experience - Ralph Lauren have implemented high tech fitting rooms into their stores in New York. The experience includes interactive lights and mirrors, that reflect different environments such as a nightclub or a romantic dusk stroll outside. The interactive mirrors allow customers to read more information about products or summon a sales member when needed.

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