Candy Chang Makes Art for Greater Good

March 03, 2016

Candy Chang creates art that makes a difference. She focuses on creating work in public spaces that encourages communities to engage and converse with their surroundings and their lives. With a background in architecture, graphic design and urban planning, we love how she has combined her talents to focus on engaging works that bring communities together. Here are some of our favourite global projects that she has created.

Before I Die

This public art project invites people to contemplate death, reflect on life, and share their personal aspirations to strangers in plain public view. In an effort to restore perspective after losing someone she loved, Chang setup the first in a global series of chalkboard and stencil interactive artworks with the prompt “Before I die I want to…”. The project took off all around the world, with communities setting up their own walls, now with over 1,000 displays in over 70 countries.


An interactive exhibition inspired by Japanese Shinto Shrine Prayer Walls, Catholicism and Post Secret - this installation consisted of private confession booths where participants could hide to scrawl their deepest confessions onto an anonymous plaque. The process is described by Chang as “a gentle first step towards honesty and vulnerability in public, which can lead to trust and understanding”. See all confessions on the official website.

Neighbour Doorknob Hanger

The introduction of text messages has made phone calls seem invasive in todays modern world, and Chang compares a door knock from a neighbour to even seem violating in this sense. To open the loop between neighbours within close proximities, Chang designed a pullout door hanger that invites neighbours to share belongings and conversations at appropriate and convenient times.

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