Channel 4 News Gives the Gift of GIFing

March 09, 2016

We’re a little slow on the uptake here (the project actually finished last year), but we just discovered the most amazingly awesome website and have been wasting all of the spare time we don’t actually have going through it’s hilarious GIFs. America’s Channel 4 news creative team came up with this clever site aimed at 16-34 year olds that sums up serious news stories in one cheeky animated GIF. The wall of hilariousness is designed to “represent the feisty spirit of Channel 4 News and appeal to a younger more distracted audience”. Well, you distracted us! We even love the sarcastic tongue-in-cheek language they use to tell the news stories, such as this from 18 December last year:

Barack Obama has spent some time with everyone’s favourite action man Bear Grylls. Obama joined Bear in Alaska and roughed it for a few days to promote climate change. Obama drew the line at drinking urine but seemed to have fun. It’s on Channel 4 on Sunday at 8pm if you fancy seeing it for yourself.

Prepare yourself for Donald Trump distraction and see the full site here.