Defining the Audience with Independent OT

February 22, 2016

The most crucial step to building a great brand is understanding your audience, solving their problem and understanding why your brand solves that problem.

Alana is an experienced occupational therapist starting her own private practice.

First and foremost we worked with her to define 'the why' - why is the customer interested in your brands product or service? Is it a want or a need? What is their biggest problem? In Alana’s case, her audience has a physical disability and needs someone trustworthy and caring to take care of them. The discoveries we make enables us to delve a little deeper to see who these people are and how they decide on one specialist over another.

Next we work to paint a vivid picture of our customers. We start by writing a list of customers who might use Alana’s services - individuals who might have suffered from stroke, diseases, falls or injuries etc. We then group them into location, market sector and other relevant lifestyle questions about these people. ie. 50 year old males suffering from Parkinson’s disease, small business owner, plays golf, married, father of 3 children.

With our audience clearly defined we can start to answer a series of questions that help us reach our ideal customers. How do they buy food and prepare meals? Are they able to collect their own mail? Do they use newspapers, online resources or social media to stay in the loop? Letting a stranger in your home can be confronting, what puts them at ease?

We use all this (and more) to connect at the right time and the right places. In Alana's case, we created a website gave her credible presence and a means to share her experience. We learned one customer group (Health institutions) have a low attention span. This meant creating a brochure that communicated simply and powerfully. The response was then measured, results are analysed and the message tweaked slightly and the process repeated. With each an improvement was measured, with increased engagement from Alana’s ideal customers.

It is this understanding that not only enables Alana to build and grow her business around customer needs but also for us developing brand comms that connects with the audience for greatest engagement.

Sound simple, it truly is. Let us help.

See Alana’s new brand at

Illustration by Marion Barraud.