Deliciously Ugly

May 27, 2015

Today we had rocky road for breakfast. It’s not often we pour ourselves a big bowl of marshmallows, pistachios, coconut, cranberries, and three different kinds of chocolate for our morning boost of energy, but today we made an exception. Thanks to the kitchen skills of resident geek Ben (and talented partner in crime Shari) and Anthony for his pistachio and cranberry granola bars. The perfect combination of naughty and nice!

While on the topic of deviously ugly chocolate, we found some things that combine our two favourite things in the world - art and chocolate. These artisan chocolate bars from studio Unelefante are really impressing us. We even found a video that shows the beautiful process of how Chef Jorge Llanderal works his magic. Now we are very aware that this video is not in English, but unless you speak Spanish, we advise you to put on some Andy Williams, turn it up and indulge.

*Note since this morning we haven’t stopped talking about food, in particular burgers and potato gems with loaded jalepenos. Happy snackday!