Delta Innovation Class

October 19, 2015

Innovation Class is a unique program that offers Linkedin members the opportunity to meet and fly with select industry leaders on designated Delta Air flights. The program stems from Linkedins ability to build digital connections with Deltas ability to make physical ones - and the genius idea (with the help of agency Weiden and Kennedy) to turn a three hour flight of downtime into an opportunity to meet, share ideas and find new opportunities.

The pairing works around innovative events occurring across the globe, where leaders on innovation will be given a seat on a flight next to an empty seat. The empty seat is offered as a reward - a mentoring program at 35,000 feet. Audiences can apply for the mentorship by entering their Linkedin profile to match levels of expertise and interest.

There have already been two successful in-flight pairing stories aboard Innovation Class - James Patten, CEO of Patten Studio, was awarded the opportunity to fly with influential technologist Eric Migicovsky, CEO of Pebble Technology, enroute to TED2014 and Chef Sean Brock met with Irina Vishnevskaya, a Minneapolis restaurateur opening her first microbrewery and gastropub in the U.S. enroute to the James Beard Awards.

Such a genius idea for driven leaders to use their time in the air, not just to fly, but to share their knowledge with an up-and-coming professional in the seat next to them. What we would do to be a fly on the wall for these conversations!

Source: Delta Air, Wieden and Kennedy