Fashion and Art Combine Through The Lens

October 23, 2015

Caitlyn Carlisle is a New-York based artist, illustrator and fashion forecaster. Her recent project created exclusively for Trendland explores the work of modern fashion designers and their relation to influential artists throughout history. Carlisle studied elements of the fashion designers works, such as colours, textures and shapes, as well as the exterior design of the runway sets to pair them with relevant artists, from Russian painter Kadinsky to American conceptual artist Baldessari.

She then reimagines and creates a piece of illustrative art, based on the fashion design, in the individual styles of each artist. We love this project and how it explores influences and connective references of each and every personal aesthetics. Although we imagine a very challenging project for the artist, Carlisle has created a beautiful harmonious collaboration of modern art, fashion and design history.

Read more about the series at Trendland.