Friday Thirst Quenchers

August 20, 2015

It’s Friday and we've had a crazy week.
What better way to end the week, sharing and combining all the things we love. Design, experiences and booze of course.

We are obsessed with Bompas and Parr. Their latest is Alcoholic Architecture which is set in a Victorian building on the site of an ancient monastery in the UK. The bar fuses architecture and meteorology, featuring a walk-in cloud of breathable cocktails. The installation allows visitors to experience and absorb alcohol through their lungs as well as their eyeballs. The bar serves up a bevy of monk-inspired drinks like Chartreuse, Benedictine, Trappist beer and Buckfast fortified wine. This can’t be missed event runs at the Borough Market till January 2016, buy tickets here.

It would be remiss of us to leave gin off the list. It is the coolest drink going around. We’re particularly taken with Origin Single Estate Gins. Masters of Malt found four areas in the world with very different climates to source top quality juniper to achieve it’s unique flavours. Each beautifully designed bottle comes with a 10ml vial of other botanicals like coriander, fresh lemon peel or bitter orange peel that can be added to enhance your drinking experience. Buy your own kit (great gift idea too) here

Need to keep yourself nice for an early rise tomorrow? The obvious choice - green pressed juices, they are so now it hurts. This one however packs super duper punch. Kola+ uses a potent blend of pure organic ingredients as a chemical-free alternative to alcoholic drinks (yes you heard me). Kola+'s non-synthesised formula offers natural stimulation and good clean kick. Buy Kola+ and other amazing blends here.

Fancy a fancy fancy cocktail party? Want to impress with some truly beautiful cocktails? Then look no further than Silent Neon Flowers, a conceptual publication by London’s Drink Factory. The photography (By Addie Chinn, Ollie Harrop & Ruth Vatcher), the design and ohhhh the recipes, to die for. These aren’t recipes that you just throw together for a quick drink; rather, it’s an inspirational look at what cocktails can be like when you think beyond the usual classics. Buy your copy of the magazine here.

Ok one more for the road…

We love a good tea party but how much better when you can infuse your booze. Paper and Tea has been bringing innovation to the ancient art of tea-drinking since 2012, and their latest creation combines two of my favourite things: vodka and tea. Infusing vodka with the worlds finest tea leaves adds an extra layer of flavour and an exciting twist to your favorite long drinks and cocktails. Why not ay. Buy your very own Vodka Tea Infusion Kit here.

Thirsty yet?