From Povo to Prosperous - The Wink Christmas Gift Guide

December 18, 2015

As Christmas is just around the corner and seeing as we love buying presents (and we think we’re pretty good at it too), we thought we would share some of our favourites this year. For those of you who are like us and do online shopping, you still have time! This little list covers budgets from either end of the scale, so whether it be for your partner in crime or your inlaws (yikes) we’ve got you covered ;)

Caruso Music Cabinet - Paolo Cappello

Record players are cool, but like most people, we like to play music from our phones. This beautiful music cabinet connects via bluetooth for all of your Mariah Carey Christmas bangers.

Baby Lit books - Gibbs Smith

These cute books come in titles from classic literatures, such as Alice in Wonderland, the jungle Book, Moby Dick and many more. The illustrations can be appreciated by all ages from 2 to 70.

Doggie Battle Jacket - Pet Haus

These pooch jackets are so awesome - they come in denim, fleece hoodies or completely customised. They are also made with love in Melbourne.

Satechi Spectrum Bulb

Now this is cool. This bluetooth light-bulb can be controlled from your smart phone, where you can choose from unto 16 million different colours for whatever mood you are in. Theres even a disco mode that changes colours to match music and sounds! Cray cray.

Classic Hip Hop Playing Cards

Why play regular poker, when you can play poker with some of the most successful and influential hip hop artists ever?

Wooden Paddles Handmade in Patagonia

For the guy who appreciates nice things, Hualle retrieves the work of craftsmen and artisans from Southern Chile who create new products with their hands everyday.

Tribeca Reade Lamp

We’re just going to leave this here, in the hope that someone delivers us a bunch of these for each of our desks here in the studio. Thanks.