Gatorade Fights For Scientific Positioning With New Campaign

March 15, 2016

When it first originated as a scientifically-designed sports hydration drink, in a lab at the University of florida nearly a half century ago, Gatorade made a promise that relied on transformation to keep at the forefront of its positioning. The latest campaign from the brand “Your Game is Our Lab” uses innovation and technology to prove that Gatorade is the leader in the sports fuel and hydration industry, and will continue to develop the industry to become leaders - amongst the likes of bigger sports brands such as Nike.

The new campaign will kick off with a Gatorade Fuel Lab at SXSW this month, but in the lead up is promoting the campaign through a series of television ads. The ads feature a number of world famous athletes, such as Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, and talks about research gathered from how the athletes perform is going into every new product developed. The new products that appear in the ad include protein bars, nitrate boosts, protein yoghurts and even a new smart bottle that uses microchip and sweat patch technology to measure hydration rates, to give users updates on how much and when they should drink.

The idea of custom hydration for athletes could really place Gatorade in a great brand position if the campaign is all its hyped up to be. We are looking forward to seeing what immersive experiences the brand comes up with to showcase its new campaign and product range to South by Southwest Sports attendees. I wonder if the new technology will also do the same for peoples hangovers as it has been used for in the past..

Source: Wall Street Journal, Brand Channel, Gatorade, Fast Co Create