Google's New Googley Identity

September 02, 2015

If you are reading this right now, you have probably already noticed internet giant Google has unveiled a new logo system today. We are not surprised, as the old Catull font logo hasn’t been updated for nearly three years - a surprisingly long time for a company that has only been around for 17 years, yet has global domination and a long string of changing faces.

I’m going to put it out there - we like it. We like that they’re not trying to be something they are not. Google are the original technicolored tech company - they have always had the instantly recognisable four colour rainbow coloured logo. Today they have just updated it - for the internet of things. Once upon a time everything was done on a desktop. Now it’s laptops, tablets, smartphones and even wearables. Brands need to evolve to transform and scale across all different sorts of devices and remain recognisable in a number of different forms.

Google shared the process today on their blog for all to see how the brand designed the evolution. The new mark and elements were designed earlier this year in one super pow-wow design sprint week, stemmed from a design brief drafted from all designers across the company:

1. A scalable mark that could convey the feeling of the full logotype in constrained spaces.
2. The incorporation of dynamic, intelligent motion that responded to users at all stages of an interaction.
3. A systematic approach to branding in our products to provide consistency in people’s daily encounters with Google.
4. A refinement of what makes us Googley, combining the best of the brand our users know and love with thoughtful consideration for how their needs are changing.

The new identity nails every aspect of what they are trying to achieve. The new mark is instantly recognisable as something new, however just still seems so “Googley” to us - a refresh that just seems to work. The internet is awash today with the news, however we think that tomorrow people will forget it ever changed - a true signifier of good design. And in true Paul Rand ethos it is playful and childlike, whilst still remaining savvy and clever. We look forward to watching the new identity unfold acrosss such a powerful company with a simple mission - to take the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Source: Google Design, Gizmodo,