Gratiot & Riopelle Type Foundry Font Rescue

September 30, 2015

Jessika Krcmarik is a young designer from Detroit who has a huge love for traditional typography. On her daily commute to and from work, Jessica started to notice a lot of beautiful old hand-painted typography on the walls and front of shops around her city and started to document them through photography. The other thing she noticed was that these hand-painted signs are starting to disappear as time goes on, making the neighbourhoods landscape more uniform as the use of pre-fabricated signs is encouraged.

Jessica has taken on her own project to capture these old hand letter styles of Detroit and turn them into pay-what-you-can fonts, so the small businesses needing signage can afford the beautiful letterforms while still remaining true to the traditional unique visual identity that the city was once so rich in. You can help the project gain momentum by backing it through the Gratiot & Riopelle Type Foundry campaign on Kickstarter. Theres nothing we love more than a good Kickstarter project, as there are so many great creative individuals out there who just need that little bit of help to get going. And the plus side of backing her campaign is that you get to keep the beautiful said fonts for yourself.

Source: Gratiot and Riopelle, Fast Co