Hotel Not Hotel

September 22, 2015

In Amsterdam there is a place where art hotel meets fantasy. Hotel Not Hotel is a project where the experience of staying in a hotel room is not just a room, but a work of art with its own creator, story and identity. The rooms are individually themed, so guests can choose their holiday fantasy one night at a time. All other spaces are communal, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, as the hotel creators believe that the space is a communal area for artistic exhibition and creative entrepreneurial conversations.

They even have a bar named Kevin Bacon as just like the actor, the bar has “zero pretention, it always delivers and it makes sure everybody has a good time”. Here is a run down of the rooms and the great concepts they deliver.

Crisis Free Zone - Covered completely in wood carvings, loosely based on Transylvanian symbolism and designed to keep out all forms of evil including ghosts, vampires and bankers.

Crows Nest - The watchtower of the hotel, this room, in all of its minimalistic glory, has a space above your own cottage where you have full scope of the building.

Secret Bookcase - An antique bookcase turns into a hidden entry to a luxury room, mirrors and paintings double as one-way windows - this room is Harry Potter on steroids.

Fading Colours - This little room is house meets watercolour painting. If you want to stay inside a mystical art gallery, this is the room for you.

Mrs De With - This double-roomed stay is designed for those poor ladies in mind who have partners that snore with hurricane-like force. Genius.

Asa De Casa - The forecast is always sunny in this little charming Spanish holiday destination.

Printed House - With all the technological advancements of 3D printing today, this room takes you back to basics and offers a stay presented in the two dimensional (bed and breakfasts aside).

We are loving the experiences and conversations these guys are creating for its guests, rather than just a bed to sleep in.

Source: Hotel Not hotel