Ikea Launches Innovation Lab to Explore New Living Directions

November 23, 2015

Forward thinking furniture giant Ikea are always at the forefront of sustainable and relevant design solutions. To continue to keep well ahead of the pack, they have launched a research and innovation space in Copenhagen. The exhibition space, named Space10, is open to partnerships with people around the world that have relevant experience in art design and technology fields. Time spent within the lab is dedicated purely to research and experiments in design with the aim of boosting consumers wellbeing.

The first project - Fresh Living Lab, has just taken place and aimed at city living, has resulted in a series of conceptual products to improve energy consumption and health and wellbeing. The series includes a hot water tap that monitors water usage, a window attachment that opens or closes according to pollution levels in outside air, a device that converts heat from appliances into energy to recharge phones and a chair that responds to its users movements to encourage workers to be more active. On top of all these experiments, the space also hosts a bar in partnership with food designer Bo Lindegaard, that deals with issues surrounding food consumption and production.

"Whether or not the solutions are immediately relevant to our current business is not important. What matters is to look into new directions and be ready to make changes,” states concept innovation manager of Ikea Goran Nilsson.

Not only are Ikea staying relevant in the hearts and minds of their everyday consumers, but continuing to think about the future of design and the important role it plays in the wellbeing of our planet.

To read more about projects taking place with the space head to the website.

Source: Dezeen, Space10