Ikea Predicts the Future of Meatballs

January 11, 2016

Last year we wrote about Ikea's latest project - the Space 10 innovation Lab which aims to spark conversations about the future of design. One of the latest experiments carried out in the lab, looks at the future of sustainable foods and how our eating habits might change in the not too distant future. To explore “alternative ingredients, technological innovations and unchartered gastronomic territories”, the study focuses on the humble meatball - a subject that is both simple and familiar to all cultures.

As we are all well aware the impact our eating habits are having on our planet - the over-production of meat is creating global warming issues, diminishing our fresh water supplies, destroying forests and natural habitats and not to mention creating pollution that is destroying our coastlines. The aim of Ikea’s project is to explore new and alternative ways to be smarter and more efficient about the way we produce our food, for the greater good of our planets future.

The results are crazy and pretty unappetising, with balls such as the artificial meatball and the crispy bug ball making us feel a little squirmy inside. But director Kaave Pour likens the squeamish experience to that of the sushi movement in Western society - “ [it] is a great example of design that encourages people to try the unfamiliar in a familiar way. When sushi became popular in the West people suddenly ate seaweed, algae and raw fish and I believe that the design of sushi played a crucial part in that." I’m not sure if this has convinced us to be trying the 3D printed ball anytime soon, but poses a great topic for starting the conversation toward a more sustainable future.

Source: Space 01
Images via The Creators Project