Internal Engagement

March 17, 2016

One of the biggest issues we keep seeing today, isn’t the external communication of a brand but the misalignment of their internal team. This can be a huge problem as the staff are the first and most important everyday ambassadors of the brand. If your employees aren’t engaged with the company they work for, how can the personality and values of the brand shine through to its audiences?

For us, an engaged employee is not only whole-heartedly involved and enthusiastic about his or her work, but also understands the company’s purpose and vision. They are inspired and committed in their role and proud of the brand they are a part of. The company has a vital role in the level of engagement of its employees, and if the right steps are taken to promote engagement, the competitive advantage in the market can be invaluable.

Here are a couple touch points we look at to assess employee engagement within a brand.

Leader Connection

Its one thing for a brand leader to value their employees, but if the relationship between leader and employee is defective then the employee has no drive to perform at top level. To ensure this relationship is nurtured, good leaders take (and make) the time to talk to staff and understand what motivates them. These motivations then help the leader to align the best interests of the staff with the brands values, to inspire them perform at their best.

Employee Contribution

Your brands staff need to feel like they are making a fair contribution to the success of the organisation, otherwise will lose motivation to strive for their best. A corporate travel company we recently worked with found this to be an issue with their staff, as success indicators were hard to define. We helped them by creating a public online discussion forum (separate to their website), where clients could relay feedback. This showed employees how much their clients valued the customer service and motivation of individual staff members. This value has the potential to convert to revenue growth and employee loyalty.


Trust and cooperation in the workplace are the most important driving factors in employee relationships - these have the potential to instil a comradery that drives business success. When analysing the same corporate travel brands working dynamics, we found a lot of staff members were bad-mouthing clients within the team. This was a huge no no, as it was creating a negative environment and contributing to a separated team. We created a “swear jar” type approach, so when any negative comments arose, a $10 contribution must be added to the jar. This jar was donated to lunch/drinks at the end of each week, which helped to ease negative tension and create a relaxed environment to build upon staff relationships.

Want to know more about how to align your brands internal engagement? Give us a call, we’re quite the engagers…

Illustration from the talented Martina Paukova.