International Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 26, 2015

It seems to be that every day these days is an International day for something. As today is “International Take your Dog to Work Day” I thought it only appropriate to bring in my four-legged friend, Ronnie. She is an American Staffy with heaps of energy and even more attitude. Ronnie is pictured here with James on the morning coffee run. Embarrassingly enough, they happened to coordinate denim outfits and one had to change (note Ronnie chewed a hole in the jacket so had no choice in the matter). Apparently research shows that having a dog in the workplace can improve staff productivity and at the same time lower stress levels. So far this ball of steel hasn’t stopped rummaging through everyone’s wastepaper bins, not really that relaxing for all.

Inspired by Ronnies badass denim jacket this morning (designed by the haute couture label PetHaus in Collingwood), we thought we would share the latest trends in dog fashion.

Images: John Chapple, Daily Mail, Flickr, Daily Dawdle, PetHaus