Kidomo Vintage Letters

January 29, 2016

Nicolas Flachot is a lover of the ancient craft of typography. He has a love so deep for type that he has spent his entire life (well, at least the last 9 years) scouring flea markets from all over the world for beautifully crafted vintage lettering - and now he wants to share it with the world. The talented artist owns an industrial workshop located in the heart of Paris, where he uses the letterforms to create new and unique compositions. The results are somewhat organically beautiful, as each letter has its own unique size, colour, finish, material and style. If you can’t seem to choose an existing word or phrase amongst their library of deliciousness, there is an option to commission your own custom creation.

Nicolas, if you’re reading this - we think your logo needs some love: design us a beautiful “Wink” display and we will trade you a beautiful timeless Kidimo logo. As equal lovers of the type craft, we think work as gorgeous as yours deserves an equally gorgeous identity - we also think that’s a pretty damn good deal (wink wink).

See all of the beautiful designs over at

All images courtesy of Kidomo and Frederic Lucano.