Kris Sowersby Type Star

November 05, 2015

We love this quote from young New Zealand type designer Kris Sowersby of Klim Type Foundry. We normally pull quotes from historic typographers with a wealth of history and knowledge behind them, but this young designer is so talented that he already has a large number of successful typefaces under his belt.

His first beautifully curvaceous retail typeface, Feijoa - featured in our quote today - was released in 2007 followed shortly after by National. Since this successful leap into the industry, Kris has worked on typefaces such as Karbon, Domaine, and Tiempos, and has worked alongside typography greats such as Christian Schwartz and Erik Spiekermann on FF Meta Serif and with Chester Jenkins on Galaxie Copernicus.

Kris has a peeve for designers who “butcher” existing typefaces for their own logo work and has some advice on how to use type properly.

1. Most typefaces have environments in which they really shine, certain uses that they will never fail.
2. Others have environments in which they will always fail, typically in places where they were never meant to work.
3. A select few work beautifully in the most absurd situations.

He believes that a competent typographer/designer can differentiate between these first two points, but only a truly talented designer can make a typeface “perform like a star” in an absurd situation.

Source: I Love Typography, Eye Magazine, Klim Type Foundry