Leading Brands through Diversity and Equality

June 01, 2015

Pride advertising has been having a large impact online as of late and brands are responding with campaigns that spread messages of inclusion, equality and diversity. Brands today are not only held accountable for the quality of their products and services, but for their stance on the political and social issues that todays consumers face.

According to YouTube and Google data, over 45% of consumers under 34 say they’re more likely to do repeat business with an LGBT-friendly company and of them, more than 54% also say they’d choose an equality-focused brand over a competitor. We took a look at a couple of campaigns that made us smile and feel a little proud ourselves to be part of such an inclusive community.


Last year to coincide with the San Francisco Pride events, Burger King showed their true commitment to diversity and it’s brands internal values (being bold, empowered, accountable, meritocratic and fun) by creating new pride advertising in support of the LGBT community. The proud whopper was created as part of Burger Kings “Be You Way” campaign, a spin on its 40 year old “Have It Your Way” brand positioning.

Customers were intrigued about the new-edition burger on the menu, but were surprised when they actually tried the burger it tasted exactly the same as the flame grilled burger customers had enjoyed since 1957. The only difference was in its rainbow-colored wrapper, which held the message “We are all the same inside.”


ANZ celebrated their partnership with the 2014 Sydney Mardi Gras Festival by transforming their regular ATMs into the world’s first ‘GAYTMs’ and encouraging customers to upload pictures of the tellers. Artists were commissioned to individually transform and decorate ten ATMS around Sydney, inspired by gay and lesbian iconography. Over a million rhinestones were sourced for the project, which took over 2000 man hours to construct the fabulous GAYTMs.

The major bank had to find a way to encourage non-ANZ cardholders to use their ATMs, as ANZ planned to donate all non-member ATM fees to Twenty10, a nonprofit organization that supports people dealing with gender and sexuality issues as well as their families and friends for the duration of the GAYTM campaign. Customers were encouraged to upload photos using the GAYTMs to help promote, support and crowdsource conversation around the event.

Throughout the month of February the campaign ingested more than 6500 Instagram and Twitter posts, and led to a number of awards including the Cannes Lion Outdoor Grand Prix.

Emoji Equality

We also really really love emojis – so naturally we support Apples new racially diverse set of emoji characters. The new and improved keyboard includes over 300 new characters. It not only includes same-sex couples and marriage icons, 32 new flags, it also allows users to change the skin colour of each human emoji.

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Images: Will O'Rourke, Fast To Create, The Modern Gay