Lessons on Logo Design from Siegel+Gale

October 07, 2015

Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a logo successful - believe us, we’ve heard them all. And we all know that a logo alone doesn’t convey values as such (i.e. trust, confidence etc), but certain attributes of a logo definitely have a predisposition towards certain brand values. These opinions of attributes are reflected upon society from many years of user experiences and associations.

Brand gurus Siegel+Gale have conducted a recent study to delve into these audience opinions of what a logo treatment conveys according to aesthetic attributes. The study consisted of surveying 3000 people in the US and the UK to evaluate more than 100 of the worlds largest brands. The most interesting results from the survey to us was the personality trait categories logos were divided into according to the natural associations that certain logo treatments carry. As none of these really come as a surprise to us, it is interesting to see how real audiences feel about the attributes and serves as a great baseline study for anyone in the process of a logo design.

Attached are results from the study and the full results can be seen on Siegel+Gale.