Luxury Retailer Combines Online Technology with Brick-and-mortar Experience

October 01, 2015

Luxury retail designer Rebecca Minkoff has paired with Ebay to come up with an interactive shopping technology that gives a whole new meaning to the in-store shopping experience. Late last year she and her brother Uri opened two stores in New York and San Francisco that are completely shaking up the retail world. The experience goes something like this…

Customers are greeted upon arrival to the store by a huge interactive screen that lets them swipe browse through clothing and accessory items, exchanging their phone number to place an item in their basket. When a change room becomes available, the user is sent a text message to let them know. Once inside the change room, an interactive mirror lets the user request more items or sizes (or even a glass of champagne) without having to awkwardly gesture over the change room door for assistance. They also have the option to adjust the lighting in the change room to view their look in their desired tone. Each item is tagged with an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip, which gives the user automatic access to more information about each item, and the option to store digital information if they decide not to purchase in-store. Once finished in the dressing room, the user can either purchase at the counter or in the change room via Paypal and Rebcca Minkoff’s mobile app.

Apart from the obvious user-experience this new technology is delivering, the digital capturing of information is also a huge data gold mine for the company. The monitoring of each item via RFID technology means that data is constantly being captured and analysed to understand why and why not items are left behind at the checkout. Healey Cypher, head of retail innovation at Ebay informs “There are critical moments when they are going to buy something, or they are going to leave, we’re applying that exact same logic to the physical world.” The data also helps the Rebecca Minkoff brand to understand up to the second information on what items are trending and what is truly in fashion from a users point of view, helping them to adjust in-store displays accordingly.

From a brand point of view, Rebecca Minkoff is doing a great job of really tapping into her customers needs and wants. Her millennial omnichannel customers (people who shop via mobile, web and in-store) are the most valued as they spend 66% more than those who only shop in-store, according to Deloitte. Not only are the brand shoppers getting the in-store service they have always wanted, but the experience follows them well beyond the shop visit, giving them the ultimate relationship most retail brands can’t deliver. We are excited to see what the future holds for brands and shopping experiences.

Source: Fast Co. Create, Retail Customer Experience, The Wall Street Journal, Retail Innovation