Medibank Docklands - A Healthy Dose of Design

June 24, 2015

We recently took a visit to the new Medibank building in Docklands for what was supposed to be a routine visit, turned into an awe filled and inspiring experience. The new head office was designed by Hassell Studios, who believe that the success of a design lies in the use and enjoyment of the people within its walls. We can definitely see Hassell’s way of thinking injected into the building, as the design entails everything relevant to Medibank’s new brand positioning. Rather than just adding to the list of traditional healthcare businesses, Medicare is focusing on preventative health and wellbeing.

The new headquarters is not only architecturally beautiful, but has thought of every detail possible to transform the everyday workplace into one of “movement, flexibility, freedom of choice, creativity, interaction and engagement”. The bones of the building is built around bright wavy staircases to encourage staff to choose the active option of taking the stairs, whilst a mixture of collaborative working spaces, either sitting, standing or outside, encourage staff to work in different environments to bring out working and wellbeing personal bests. The building is also a green sight for grey sore eyes, with a total of nearly 3,000 plants within and around its walls in the concreted surrounds of the Docklands, also adding fresh clean air into the overall healthy effect of the building.

If you are ever in the area we definitely recommend you pop in for a look, or even a stroll through the edible garden to grab some greenery for tomorrows healthy lunch.

Design team: Hassell, Chris Connell, Kerry Phelan, Russell and George

Photography: James Bowden

Reference: Hassell