Music Artists That Make Their Own Album Art

December 03, 2015

I always admire anybody that has the gift of musical talent. Coming from somebody who doesn’t have a musical body in their bone, I find it truly amazing how one can string together notes harmoniously to bring those that listen to them pure and raw emotions. Some of these artists are talented in more ways than one however, and have put their visual artistry talents up for display by designing their own record sleeves. Many artists have indulged in this over time, so we put together a collection of our favourites to share.

Graham Coxon

Being a visual artist for much longer than he was musically, Graham Coxon only got to design one album cover for his band Blur, but designed many more covers when his solo career took off.

The Stone Roses

John Squire, guitarist for the band, designed the very first cover art for the band, taking influences from Jackson Pollock artworks. The lemons represent an antidote to tear gas that was used in the French riots.


All round cool chick, Grimes has always been a visual artist, designing covers for comic books and holding her own art exhibitions.

John Lennon

Also a former art student, Lennon designed the cover art for his solo album Mind Games when he was separated from Yoko Ono due to his US visa being scrutinised. The college shows Lennon placed far away from Yoko, whom represents mountains in the distance.

Bob Dylan

For his album “self-portrait” Dylan received negative feedback on both the music and the album art, with critics claiming it be lazy and uninspired.

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