New Zealand Flag Finalists

August 31, 2015

Our loveable neighbours across the ditch in New Zealand have decided it is time to separate themselves, as the rest of the world has too often believed they are a state of Australia. When placing the two countries flags next to each other, it seems only fair they are ready for change, as they both share the same visual elements of the Union Jack and Southern Cross in red, blue and white colours.

The Government has put the brief out to its 4.5 million New Zealanders to come up with a new flag that represents it as a “progressive, inclusive nation that is connected to its environment, and has a sense of its past and vision for the future”. Over 10,000 submissions from the public have been judged by a panel of 12 and now whittled down to 40 possible options for further review. A final 4 designs will eventually be presented to the public for voting later this year.

The designs feature a mixed bag of themes – the common ones including the Silver Fern and the Southern Cross, on colour schemes of blue, red, black and green. There have been some hilarious entries that make for some very entertaining rationales, with Internet viral themes such as Kiwi birds with laser beam eyes and QR codes to represent the Southern Cross.

We love the fact that New Zealand is reaching out to its residents to submit their designs and the project has been a great example of community involvement and passion, with over 850,000 visits to the project online and a huge interest in the NZ flag history video. The project however is getting numerous backlashes on social media about whether the project is worth the $NZ26 million spend. We are very excited to see what the outcome of the project will hold for New Zealand.

Here are some of the hilarious rationales for some of the entries we particularly loved (in order of appearance).

Te Pepe
Designed by: David Astil from Waikato
‘That feel when our eyes gaze upon the flightless and majestic rare-Kiwi bird is a classic icon of NZ’s deep relationship with our ancestors, their spirit, land and culture. Te Pepe Tamariki, Te Papa Aotearoa.’ v1.1
Designed by: Simon Aiken from International
‘Thanks to feedback from my previous submission this version of the flag features the QR code / Southern Cross with red stars rotated 45 degrees and the left star has been increased in size. New Zealand Aotearoa has a long tradition of displaying identity and our stories through Tukutuku panels, and what better way of carrying this forward in the digital age with an embedded code.’

Fire the Lazar!
Designed by: James Gray from Auckland
‘The laser beam projects a powerful image of New Zealand. I believe my design is so powerful it does not need to be discussed.’

Bicycle of NZ
Designed by: James Ringwood from Auckland
‘I believe it accurately represents the NZ people as hard working people from today on into the future.’

Sheep and Hokey Pokey
Designed by: Jesse Gibbs from Canterbury
‘This design represents all of NZ because we have lots of sheep and love hokey pokey ice cream. I even included the blue and red to keep all of you naysayers happy. Kiwi as bro.’

Psychotic Swirls
Designed by: Cameron Holland from Bay of Plenty
‘It looks good’

Images: Scoop, The Guardian, NZ Govt