Nike Reaches Every Athlete Through Clever Videos

October 26, 2015

We all know how great a brand Nike is. It’s not because they make awesome running gear, or because they have the most famous tagline in branding history. It’s not even because they partner with the greatest and most inspiring athletes of all time. It’s because they know who their audiences are - I mean really know who they are - and work hard to continuously and constantly place themselves in their hearts and minds.

This great campaign from Nike appeal to the 99% of their audiences. The athletes. The first ad appeared back in 2012, featuring a young 12 year old overweight boy, struggling through a run. The ad, released around the London Olympics, clearly highlighted a real struggle for the individual. The messaging speaks of pride and personal goals, and no matter your fitness level, Nike is there to help you “Find Your Greatness”. The ad was nominated for an Emmy award.

This year Nike has released a follow up ad in the same manner, this time appealing to women and running audiences. It portrays the bleak ending of a marathon and its struggling last place runners. The streets are littered with waste, the sun is setting and Aretha Franklin’s “Every Little Bit hurts” appropriately soundtracks. As the voiceover encourages “You are not a runner, you are especially not a marathon runner. But by the end of this, you will be”, Nike successfully reaches out to every woman who has every pushed herself to complete their own journey of greatness. We love this humanistic approach to align with Nike’s “Just do it” and “We are all athletes” philosophies.

Source: Brand Channel