Our Favourite Brand Experiences this week

August 03, 2015

Creating relevant and memorable brand experiences is crucial for any business. Customers are savvier and more demanding than ever before. To truly connect and stand out it takes insight to create meaningful experiences that are mapped against a clear action or business goal.

We're always on the look out for anyone creating clever experiences so thought we'd share a few of our favourites this week.

A Personal Shopper

Textstyle is Nordstrom’s latest service that allows customers to make purchases based on recommendations from their personal shopper via private text message. Let’s say you’re on the hunt for a pair of stilettos - you text your dedicated salesperson who sends you a selection with a description or photo of a product to choose from. If you’re interested you can make the purchase by simply replying “buy”.

The salesperson learns your style and remembers previous purchases to make cool outfit pairings (yes an upsell but still nice to have your own stylist). The retailer claims this service to be the first of its kind. It’s technology transforms the online retail experience by enabling customers to personalise the way they shop and receive a luxury experience on their own terms. Image Source: Home thumbnail

The Mini Fashion Bar

How many times have you been on holiday and wished you had something that suited the location better? Well look no further as French Fashion Brand Pimkie partner with a number of boutique hotels in cities across Europe. Instead of the standard mini bar fare guests can browse a menu of their latest collection. The Mini Fashion Bar is part of the hotel’s closet and the collections are curated to the location, season and events in the area. If there’s an outfit they love, they can order it, wear it and pay for it when they check-out. Brilliant!

Keep the Change

The Bank of America looking to attract new customers spent some time with Ideo to observe their target audience. They (and Ideo) discovered a common habit among their target audience using debit cards. Customers often rounded up to the nearest dollar for speed and convenience. From this came “Keep the Change” - a service that rounds up purchases made with a Bank of America Visa debit card to the nearest dollar and transfers the difference from individuals checking accounts to their savings accounts. In less than one year, it attracted 2.5 million customers, translating into more than 700,000 new checking accounts and one million new savings accounts for Bank of America. Image Source: Ideo