Pantone Colour of the Year

December 10, 2015

Pantone have shocked everyone this year with the release of not one, but two pantone colours of the year. Yes, two colours of the year - for the first time ever.

Pantone states the decision to have two colours is due to a psychological yearning for reassurance and security, in a world lost to modern day stresses. Words such as Balance, calming, wellness, compatible, duality and tranquility are used to describe the combining of the two colours - Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520) and Serenity (PANTONE 15-3919). Pantone also relates the colours to the fashion industry, which has seen a recent shift in the blurring of genders, therefore representing a movement towards gender equality.

I’m not so sure though. Is it because last years colour, Marsala, was a little bit shit? Is it because loyal Pantone followers are starting to lose interest with the brand, due to lack of engagement? Is the introduction of two colours really going to increase engagement, or just hustle some extra attention for a fleeting moment of time? We have also seen a lot of pastels over the last year in branding, fashion and design projects. And I mean a LOT. We would like to think that Pantone should be setting the trend for colour forecasting, not following.

You haven’t fooled us Pantone. Everyone knows that pink and blue makes purple. What do you think?

Images: James Knipe, Pantone, The Pretty Secrets, Stephanie Bruce, Found and Kept, MPNails