Penny the Pirate - Storytelling for Screening Children’s Vision

December 15, 2015

Just as people don’t like to know they're being marketed to, children don’t like to know they are having their eyes tested, or taking part in something they don’t want to really do. This latest project from OPSM, Saatchi & Saatchi and illustrator Kevin Waldron engages children to take part in the free story book or interactive app, Penny the Pirate. What appears to be a colourful children’s story, is actually a medical tool to test children’s eye health.

The book tests for the most common vision problems for children, that often go undetected as children don’t like coming into scary optometrists or may live in remote areas without access to medical help. So far Penny has given over 300,000 children an eye test and has reached the number one Health & Fitness app in the App store. By combining storytelling with illustration and insights, Penny the pirate is successfully engaging children for a brighter, clear future.

Credit: Saatchi & Saatchi, OPSM, Kevin Waldron