Phillip Low's Dreamy Light Refracting Sculptures

August 28, 2015

We recently discovered these crazy beautiful dreamy sculptures and had to share. Phillip Low is an artist living in Manhattan and producing one of a kind pieces from coloured acrylic. He has a clever process of leaving surfaces both rough or polished, which causes the pieces to emit coloured light in various angles across the room.

"I use coloured and colourless acrylic polished to varying degrees in creating objects that adopt the aesthetic of prisms and prismatic colour separation. By faceting and milling the surfaces, it creates a rougher surface while leaving others highly polished. Light is transmitted and reflected differently – colours may appear blurred in some places and sharply defined in others. This creates views into the interior spaces as well. Scale is important to me. The work must be malleable — transformable to a certain extent by the viewer."

You can purchase them here.

Images: Cool Hunting, Pieces of Eight