Push the Button - Get All The Things

April 12, 2016

What is the world coming to? Honestly. We thought we had seen it all - from wearable technology to interactive shopping experiences, the playing field for brands today is continuously changing and at an unbelievable pace. Let us introduce you to the latest gimmick - Amazon’s Dash Buttons. These little WIFI gadgets are designed to be stuck all around your home - in the bathroom, the pantry, the fridge and basically any space you can find next to an item that you need to regularly replace. So next time you run out of toilet paper you can press your Cottonelle Dash button, an online order is magically placed on your Amazon Prime account, and your poo-tickets instantly replenished before you can say “Australia Post”.

In a world of fast fashion and over spending on supermarket multi-buys, we can’t decide whether we love or loathe this consumer-centred design approach. It seems a commercial apocalypse is upon us and it’s a race for brands to see who can get the most button pushes from their audiences. For us, it gets us excited (and sometimes a little scared) at the possibilities the future can bring, and we look forward to becoming a part of the changes. As far as Dash goes, we really like pushing buttons and we hate running out of toilet paper, so we’ll take this one as a win (for now).

Source: Amazon, Gizmodo, Mashable

Awesome GIF: Gizmodo