QuitBit - An Irreverent Approach to Funeral Branding

October 29, 2015

In my opinion, fun and funeral should never be put into the same sentence. The latest campaign for funeral planning brand Mount pleasant breaks all of the rules for the reverence of a traditional funeral - but not in a good way. Previous campaign from the brand, “The Art of Saying Goodbye”, addresses those audiences that don’t normally like to think about death to explore the subject at their own pace. The new approach was a nice take on celebrating time with loved ones and planning funerals with loved ones in a beautiful light.

The message of the film is to get people thinking, discussing and planning about death in a respectful way. Somehow I think that if i was wearing an imaginary tech-device on my wrist that counts down the number of minutes i have left to live, planning my funeral would be the last thing on my mind. The agency responsible says the ad is aimed at a target audience of 55 and over, however I know that my family within this age group have never used any kind of wearable technology and would not see the humorous side of the advertisement.

Rick Cowan, vice-president of marketing for Mount Pleasant Group commented on the thin line of offence they seem to be teetering on - “When we apply humour in our advertising, we always have to be mindful – just given the subject matter that we deal with – of not crossing a line and being perceived as offensive. Everyone has a different meter as to what becomes offensive, but we’re careful not to push the limit. This is very clever.” It’s interesting to read a number of other rave reviews online for the ad.

Also interesting to note that a “Quitbit” is actually a real device from a kickstarter campaign last year - the resulting message from this product is to “remind you to make the most of your life, and most importantly, to be happy” - not to prepare to die.

Offensive humour like this should always be treaded very lightly around. And always remember the phrase, if in doubt leave it out.

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