Reflective Monograms Encourage San Fran to Look Closer

November 19, 2015

San Fran Design week is an event that brings together thousands of people from numerous disciplines to discuss, explore and showcase the broad influence San Francisco injects into the design world. Design studio Character was commissioned for the event to create a campaign that would “highlight the uniquely diverse ecosystem that makes up the San Francisco hub of creativity that we call home” by looking at a number of different themes that could speak to the ever-growing community of industries and what role San Fransisco plays within it.

The solution was a series of monolithic letterforms with an intricate base structure and reflective mirrored surfaces. Character told Grafik magazine in a recent interview exactly how these letterforms answered the brief.

“While their mirrored faces reflect a seamless integration to our world, their wooden structures reveal the complex and intricate systems behind the ideas we often breeze right past, from the process and ideation, to the systems and frameworks that hold everything together. By photographing the letters in areas of the city that have a direct relation to the SF design community, we aimed to showcase the design that is all around us, even in the most unexpected of places. The decisions we make as designers reach far and wide, as do their implications for the future.”

We love this answer to the brief - a perfect example of thinking outside of the box and celebrating the wonderful impact and influence typography can have on our society.

Source: Grafik, Character