Wink Thursday Thinking Font

July 16, 2015

As we know that we can always do with some design inspiration every now and then (*all the time really) we have decided to share with you some favourite quotes of ours from graphic design gurus, artisitc legends and just all round smart people. Check in here each Thursday Morning for our colourful quotes, which we will also share in a favourite or newly discovered typeface we love.

To start off this week is a quote from design/marketing/innovation/all round creative guy Marty Neumeier. One of our studio bibles "The Brand Gap" was written by Neumeier and think it is a very relevant read for anybody involved in the industry. He currently works for branding agency Liquid Agency as "Director of Transformation".

Todays typeface is called Adelon. The font was designed in 1996 from foundry SoftMaker in Germany. It's one of those typefaces that would have dated very quickly when it first came out, due to those lovely serif flares, but has done a complete turnaround to become an ultra cool cat again.