Casper - Transforming Dreams into Real Life Storytelling

October 05, 2015

This humble mattress start-up brand from New York is doing some really great things to shake-up what would normally be a very dull and dry industry. As no other mattress brand has ever done before, Casper is using storytelling and technology to connect with every single one of its consumers while the rest of the industry, ahem, snoozes.

Casper is just the type of brand you would expect without even knowing what they do - your friendly feel-good assistant that seems to only appear after the lights go out. The name is simply perfect - easy to remember, personable and has so much underlying meaning. The language Casper use is as it should be expected - friendly, informative and just the right amount of cheek to make you fall in love with them.

The team behind Casper are highly driven to make the brand a success. Founder Phillip Krim and four friends started the company in 2013 as they saw a gap in the market for easy online mattress shopping - simplifying a $13 billion dollar industry that was saturated with decisions of memory foam, pocketed coil, form and hard options. Casper simplified the process by testing many options to come up with one simple, comfortable and cost effective solution - delivered to your door in a box with 100 night sleep money back guarantee. In their first year of sales Casper outdid their projected $1.8 million sales by $18.2 million - the proof is in the pudding.

But what makes Casper so incredible to us is what they are doing for brand experiences to add real value and engagement to their narrative. They have a permanent “snooze bar” setup in San Fransico that offers waffles, cocktails,coffee, naps and more. They believe in celebrating sleep, by offering morning yoga classes and breakfast in LA for a truly refreshed morning wakeup. And their latest offering, a real life “napmobile” - is going on a naptour across seven cities with four sleep pods where you can enjoy a bedtime story and a nap on one of their famous mattresses.

While just visiting their site today and a friendly customer service assistant named Lauren popped up to chat with me, so I kindly asked her to read me a bedtime story to test the response was authentic. This is how the conversation went:

Lauren: Hi there! Can I help you with anything?
Me: hi. Can you tell me a quick bedtime story to help me sleep?
Lauren: Hey there! Absolutely (:
Lauren: What kind of story are you in the mood for - Adventure? Fairy tale?
Me: do you do comedy?
Lauren: Oh you bet!
Lauren: Well, if you're looking for some serious comedy,
Lauren: If not, I've got a couple great funny children's bedtime stories up my sleeve

If you dare to click the link, I’m sure you will be in hysterics as I was. This tiny conversation with a real human reaffirmed the authenticity of the brand for me and hope that someday they will make it to Australia for some friendly snoozy experiences.

Images via: Casper