Structural Skin - Design with Purpose

September 11, 2015

Jorge Penades is a Madrid-based Interior design graduate making a huge name for himself in the art world, after just graduating last year, his work already being exhibited in different museums, galleries and design venues across Madrid, London, Milan and Berlin. Not only does Penades create absolutely beautiful works, but always designs with purpose and the future good of our planet in mind.

His latest project “Structural Skin” makes the most of discarded leather to create a beautiful material that celebrates the natural imperfections of leather scraps that would otherwise become landfill. Penades explains just how much of and why the material goes to waste.

“Leather is a beautiful material but very inefficient in terms of its manufacturing process due to its natural origins. No matter which tanning process a hide went through, the quality of a piece of leather depends directly on the part of the animal that came from. The higher the movement, the lower the quality; some experts indicate that just the 13% of a hide is top quality and up to the 43% is considered good quality. This fact means that companies involved in the production of leather goods produce a large amount of discarded materials, leftovers and offcuts. “

Via Jorge Penades