Stonnington Glow Festival

August 14, 2015

We are lucky enough to be situated right in the heart of Prahran. We have everyday access to awesome food, crazy good coffee, quirky shops and currently we have the pleasure of being right in the middle of the Stonnington Winter Glow Festival. We literally have an ice skating rink on our doorstep right now. Amazing.

Melbourne is so good at doing popups and this new festival is another one to add to your list. The Glow festival, now in its second year, runs from 13-23 August and is presented by the City of Stonington council. It is featuring a number of cultural events that include comedy shows, a free outdoor cinema, block parties, exhibitions and more. We are particularly looking forward to the Greville projections, where the team behind the Gertrude Street Projection Festival will be bringing artists to light up the backstreets of Prahran. We think it’s a great thing for the community and look forward to more engaging events from the council throughout the year.

Images: Glow Festival