The Art of Brand Collaboration with Collabosaurus

October 12, 2015

Jessica Ruhfus saw a gap in the market after first hand experiencing the frustration of sourcing, securing and negotiating mutually beneficial partnerships between businesses. And so Collabosaurus was born. Although the name somehow reminds me of some kind of lame joke my dad told me when i was seven years old (sorry Jessica) the concept and execution of the new business is fantastic.

As a brand agency, we are continuously working with our clients to form strong and relevant brand partnerships to promote and grow their businesses. Collabosaurus is a great platform for small businesses that need a little bit of guidance in helping them to from those partnerships, without the hassles of big budgets, time spent networking and barriers such as size and location that might normally get in the way of a partnership.

Businesses can sign up anonymously and present their marketing assets, such as social media followings or contact lists as a currency for attracting partners. When a second relevant industry brand has the right currency to partner, a Tinder-like match is made and the brands identities are then revealed and the conversation begins from there.

Collabosaurus’s Instagram account is awash with success stories, such as art director The Honest Jones with homemade donut queen Woah Nelly Bakes, stylist I Am Ehly and illustrator Elk Prints or our favourites fashion gurus Topshop with The Dessert Parlour. As Jessica explains, the perks of collaborating are huge and we definitely agree. Here is why she (and we) think collaboration can help your business today.

1. You gain exposure with an interested, engaged audience relevant to your brand.
2. You attract publicity and buzz by doing something unique.
3. It’s cost effective. Strategic partnerships recognise the valuable marketing assets of both parties. These can be used to leverage mutually beneficial exposure for both brands.

Source: Startup Creative, Instagram, Collabosaurus